Avatar State: Earth Chakra

Time: Sunday, February 01, 2015 8:00 PM - 9:45 PM PST

Location: Other (see event description for details)

In Avatar the Last Airbender Aang goes to a guru to help him unlock the avatar state, with which he could bring balance to the world. To do this one must unlock the body's chakras, which deal with emotions that are blocked by negative emotions. Residents of Rutherford can go to the forest where we will talk about unlocking the first chakra, the earth chakra, which deals with survival and is blocked by fear. After the residents will receive a flyer with important resources for them.

Program is intended for: :

Rutherford Residents

For disability accommodations contact::

Derek DeMarco ddemarco@ucsc.edu

Intended Audience:

Building/Floor/Community Specific